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Welcome to the Hastings Public Schools Instructional Wiki. This is the home page. On the left, there is a navigation bar where you may select a page to visit. This navigation bar also has a "CIA home" page, to return you to the HPS CIA home page. The Logo at the top of the page will return you to the Instructional Wiki Homepage.

Hastings Public Schools designs Instruction around Marzano's Instructional Framework and the 9 Design Questions and 41 Elements based on the Art and Science of Teaching that formats Lesson Segments Involving Routine Events, Addressing Content, and Enacted on the Spot. Each of the 41 Elements has a Protocol with strategies, teacher evidence, and student evidence to reach the desired effect of each lesson and element. A scale for each element's protocol is provided to rate teacher performance for instruction.The Lessons range from not using to innovating teaching strategies.

Online Resources:

Growth Mindset: The Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS – are offering online growth mindset training modules for teachers and encouraging grassroots efforts to spread effective practices.

Online music resources – Oakland, California 4th-grade teacher Cathy Robinson recommends several websites with music that can be used for instructional purposes:
- uses hip-hop to teach concepts K-12;
- has K-5 music aligned to Common Core math and ELA;
- and have animations that help students visualize language concepts.

“Stuck on a Concept? Try Music” by Cathy Robinson in Education Update, November 2016 (Vol. 58, #11, p. 8),

"Websites to PLC by"• EDSITEment – has standards-aligned lesson plans, student resources, and close readings in ELA, foreign languages, art and culture, history and social studies.
• Classkick – is a free formative feedback tool to use with high-level student tasks. The teacher uploads the tasks, has students complete them on a device, and can then view each student’s work and provide feedback.
• Newsela – provides topical informational texts at different Lexile levels, some with quizzes and some in Spanish.
• ReadWorks – provides informational and literary texts at varying reading levels with question sets, as well as elementary lessons and units on reading comprehension.
• Literacy Design Collaborative – has teacher-created lessons and modules geared to college and career readiness in ELA, social studies, science, and math, including task templates, rubrics, and student anchor papers.
• Illustrative Mathematics – has math tasks geared to Common Core standards.

Access to radio stations worldwide – Radio Garden provides a map of the world and allows you to zero in on and listen to radio stations all over the planet. Amazing!

Online Tools to Scaffold Work for Struggling Readers and Writers

In this Edutopia article, Todd Finley suggests ways to address the challenge of a wide range of achievement levels by differentiating, providing choice, baking assessments into every lesson, and providing scaffolding for reading and writing. Here are some tech tools for the last item:
- Rewordify - A text compactor that simplifies and shortens readings;
- Tween Tribune from the Smithsonian - Similar to Newsela, adjustable to four Lexile levels, with audio versions for additional support;
- Comprehension Bookmarks for readers who are struggling with a complex text;
- For academic writing, here’s a word bank of transitions:; an essay structure graphic:; and sentence frames

“Teaching a Class with Big Ability Differences” by Todd Finley in Edutopia, April 13, 2017,

Best Social Studies Websites
Real-World STEM Problem Resources
- National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges:
- Boston Museum of Science Engineering Everywhere:
- Engineering Is Elementary Curriculum Units:
- eGIF Dream Up the Future:
- PBS’s Design Squad:
- Teaching Engineering:
- Rutgers Today:

Leveled-Reading Text Resources
- New York Times Kids Blog:
- Tween Tribune:
- Epic Books:
- Kids Discover:
- Common Lit:
- ReadWorks:
- Starfall:
- Breaking News English:
- For the Teachers:
- ThinkCERCA:
- NewsELA:
- News in Levels:
- Unite for Literacy:
- Bookbox:
- Center for the Study of Adult Literacy: